BIGFOOT SIGHTING 2007 Pennsylvania Northeast USA

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I personally think it was a bear Northeastern Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sasquatch Sighting of October 2007 sighting

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On September 16, 2007 a camera placed in the Pennsylvania woods by R. Jacobs captured some very interesting photos of what many believes is a Sasquatch. The recent Bigfoot sasquatch sighting in Northwest PA did look promising. The image shows what looks like a hairy human form that is bending over with its hands on the ground. This image did make me take a second look because it really does looks strange. I loaded the image into a graphic editing viewer so that I could zoom in. Yes, I did see the image better at this point.

I am usually contacted by a large conspiracy forum to help their team with finding out of images have been edited or we find ways to clear them up so see the true details. This is why this page is on my site. I used my Paint Shop Professional x2 program to to clean up the image a bit. I zoomed in, selected my Paint Brush tool, and I was then able to outline what I was seeing in the image. It was not a Big Foot to me. It was an image of a Bear, and what what else I noticed is likely be one of her cubs playing beneath her or the bear knocked over something and was stepping over it. To me it looks like the bear has its front paw extended out as if something was standing under her. Her fur looks like should could have mange.

I would love to find proof that we have a Bigfoot in Northwestern PA, but unfortunately I have to chalk this one up as a really good picture that looks like a sasquatch, but sadly is not.

I want to add that I do believe there is a "Bigfoot" out there in the wilderness, and someday The Bigfoot Scientific Research Organization will provide us with that proof. Many people confuse the death bed confession of the Loch Ness monster hoaxer with the Bigfoot Patterson footage. It is important to make it known that the hoax father of the "Nessi" did confess on his deathbed that he did hoax the image. It was NOT the Patterson footage that was confessed to. I personally believe the Patterson footage to be real.

Listening to some of the recordings from around the USA of what some believe is a Sasquatch - Bigfoot, I have no doubt that these creatures are here, and they communicate with speech patterns similar to humans. As for the image below I just believe it is a Bear. Truly I would be thrilled if I could be convinced otherwise.

If anyone has recordings, images, or experiences of what they truly believe was a Bigfoot sighting you should contact the BFRO listed above. They will investigate and class your sighting according to their findings.

original image credit: R. Jacobs
Northeastern PA Bigfoot Sasquatch Sighting of October 2007

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